About Western MSD

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The American Nurses Association (ANA) has given state nurses associations (SNA) the opportunity to develop collaborative Multistate Divisions (MSD). There are three multistate divisions formed: Northeast, Midwest and Western. The following states have joined the Western Multistate Division (WMSD): Arizona, Idaho, and Utah. together we are pioneering this efficiency model.

MSD defined: The three states in the WMSD will operate as a cooperative yet retain their unique state identities to serve their local nursing communities. There is a great opportunity to streamline state operations and costs by creating centralized services as an MSD that leverage shared resources for programs like CNE Accreditation. Working in collaboration we reduce duplication and leverage ANA unifying tools and technologies allowing individual SNA staff and volunteers to focus on state-specific experiences and programs.

This MSD model creates multiple opportunities for SNAs to work together and work smarter in the future. The overarching goal is to be more efficient and profitable while we provide quality service and support for the individual SNA to be more vital and responsive to nurses in their states. The establishment of best practice operations for the Western MSD will be an evolution guided by state association leadership.